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So, as I mentioned, my 6 year old has been diagnosed with heavy metals. In particular, he had a very high amount of lead in his urine on a “provoked urine test”. As a result, I find myself in a similar realm of uncertainty as I did when the Lyme diagnosis arrived — except that I know less about lead and chelation than I do about lyme (now). As with Lyme, there is uncertainty in the testing and the treatment. Here is what I’ve been able to find out so far: Continue reading “Chelation?”

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Storms and fevers

My son had one of his most difficult days in weeks today. He had a doctors visit, which he physically fought to avoid, followed by the realization that he will need bloodwork tomorrow and monthly afterwards. At the doctor’s office he heard that he has something else wrong with him — Lead — that will require yet more medicines and supplements. I hope to say more about that later, but you can imagine how we felt when we found out he has the issue of multiple heavy metals to deal with on top of the Lyme.

By the time he got to dinner, the thought of doing one more thing he didn’t like (such as taking his medication) was completely overwhelming to him. On top of that he was overtired after waking early a few days in a row, and simply could not pull himself together. We had over an hour of difficulty, including a complete break to go upstairs and put on P.J.s with mommy doing everything to provide that extra love, before he was able to gather himself and down the drugs.

None of this is surprising, it is part of what we go through right now on a regular basis (though this is worse than usual). Instead, what awes and touches me is what happened after it, at bedtime. Continue reading “Storms and fevers”