Lyme Research Progresses

As a scientist with Lyme disease, the early years of my illness were distinguished by a frustrating lack of information in the published literature. I had to really dig to find relevant literature, and what literature there was seemed minimalistic, narrow, and or contradictory with either my own experience or other articles. The doctors most skilled at treating … Continue reading Lyme Research Progresses

Strong Evidence of Lyme Persistence in Monkeys

A recent study (2012) proved the persistence of Bb (Lyme) in Rhesus Monkeys. The researchers waited 27 weeks after infection in their first experiment, which is all I'll discuss here, and then tested with multiple methods. The Eliza declined in treated animals, which might be interpreted to say treatment worked. However, in fact, spirochetal DNA … Continue reading Strong Evidence of Lyme Persistence in Monkeys

How does all that misinformation online affect Lymies?

I have been working toward this for two years now, and I can finally talk about the work we've done with the help of many volunteers. My paper, "Competing Online Viewpoints and Models of Chronic Illness" will be published at the premier venue in my field, the 2011 conference on Computer Human Interaction. For those of you … Continue reading How does all that misinformation online affect Lymies?

IDSA fails the test

Editorial note: I posted the content below but forgot to discuss the implications. Here goes: The restrictive guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease published by the IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America)  have caused some doctors and insurance companies to restrict the treatment options available to patients. There is enough evidence that these … Continue reading IDSA fails the test

New hope for Chronic Fatigue patients

When you live in the nether world of questioned diagnosis, you spend a lot of time wondering if perhaps those doctors who say the problem is in your head, your lifestyle, and your diet are right. In my case, I was lucky to have a variable enough illness that I was constantly reminded that I … Continue reading New hope for Chronic Fatigue patients