How does all that misinformation online affect Lymies?

I have been working toward this for two years now, and I can finally talk about the work we've done with the help of many volunteers. My paper, "Competing Online Viewpoints and Models of Chronic Illness" will be published at the premier venue in my field, the 2011 conference on Computer Human Interaction. For those of you … Continue reading How does all that misinformation online affect Lymies?

IDSA fails the test

Editorial note: I posted the content below but forgot to discuss the implications. Here goes: The restrictive guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease published by the IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America)  have caused some doctors and insurance companies to restrict the treatment options available to patients. There is enough evidence that these … Continue reading IDSA fails the test

Three explanations for my symptoms

I have tried to reserve judgment, not taken sides. But there is no question that I sit here, 4.5 months after the end of my antibiotic treatment, and I am still symptomatic. What's more, I believe that my symptoms are, in the majority, caused by lyme and not something else. Certainly my body was taxed … Continue reading Three explanations for my symptoms

IDSA guidelines called into question

The IDSA guidelines are the primary guidelines supporting the belief that post-lyme or chronic lyme does not exist. It is interesting to see the process by which those guidelines were constructed brought into question. They were last revised in 2006. Will this lead to more controversy or a more balanced view point? Here's a news … Continue reading IDSA guidelines called into question

When it probably started: Demi’s got lyme disease, again

For those of you who don't know me, Demi is my wonderful wonderful dog. She spends some of her time with my parents in NY, and the first time she had lyme disease, we think she got it there (in Spring 2006). We only found out she had it because she had a positive ELISA … Continue reading When it probably started: Demi’s got lyme disease, again