Relapse #n

Or maybe I should call this YAR (yet another relapse). Who's counting, anyway? This one (maybe) was triggered by international travel and possibly stress. I'm about a week in, and as usual it's both new and the same. Started with night sweats (while still on the trip), transitioned to nausea (new) and dizziness and now … Continue reading Relapse #n

Fighting to stay positive

Today has been difficult, no sign in sight of an end to the bad week. My back and neck hurt, my nerves feel hyper sensitive there and the only relief is when my husband touches my back. Also, my head has been hurting for hours, and neither a nap nor ibuprofin helped my head or … Continue reading Fighting to stay positive

Beginning treatment — oral doxycycline and then IV ceftriaxon

It took a week for us to decide which doctors to see and make appointments, and another week before I could actually see the doctors (partly because I was going out of town for my only trip since deciding to cut out travel and focus on healing, an important work trip). I left town on … Continue reading Beginning treatment — oral doxycycline and then IV ceftriaxon