Fear of falling

Things have been going incredibly well since I stopped my medication in October. However, I've always thought of myself as "in remission" and tried to act accordingly (protecting at least some of my healthiest habits). Despite that, the call of a job I love, the needs of my children, and time have slowly eroded these … Continue reading Fear of falling

Running the numbers (March 2009)

I expect this will become an (approximately) monthly post as long as I am still in treatment. I have entered another month's worth of numbers into my stats program and analyzed them. This month is of note because I switched meds half way through --Penicillin was begun March 13th. At that time, Zithromax, Mepron, and … Continue reading Running the numbers (March 2009)

Another cold, loss of the use of my left arm

We left for Europe, and I rested as much as possible on that trip. I didn't attend the conference, focusing only on paper writing, and generally tried to take it easy. Despite this, I began the week with another cold (approximately the 10th cold or flu I'd had since the beginning of April, meaning I'd … Continue reading Another cold, loss of the use of my left arm

Can’t turn head, can’t manage situation anymore

I may have trusted my doctors, but the situation was starting to make me anxious, and when I lost the ability to turn my head side to side due to neck stiffness on 9/6, only 4 days after my jaw problems cleared up, I began wondering what I was going to do to get through … Continue reading Can’t turn head, can’t manage situation anymore

Can’t move jaw, hearing problems

In late August in preparation for classes and a big paper deadline, I slept an average of about 5 and a half hours a night, with interruptions, for a 5 day period. This precipitated the worst downslide I had had yet. First, starting on 8/27, my jaw pained worsened until I was completely unable to … Continue reading Can’t move jaw, hearing problems

Fatigue lifts and returns … Could it be mold?

I was relieved when the heavy fatigue I had had over christmas/new years was gone by sometime in February/March. I don't remember much else about last spring, in fact one of the things affected by Lyme in my case is my ability to remember things. However, I do recall having serial colds during all of … Continue reading Fatigue lifts and returns … Could it be mold?