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Another cold, loss of the use of my left arm

We left for Europe, and I rested as much as possible on that trip. I didn’t attend the conference, focusing only on paper writing, and generally tried to take it easy. Despite this, I began the week with another cold (approximately the 10th cold or flu I’d had since the beginning of April, meaning I’d had almost 2 per month during that period). When I returned, I saw my MD/homeopath again (on 9/25) and we discussed my entire history (extending long before the current disease had started). This led her to believe she’d found the right remedy, and both she and I ended the visit on a hopeful note, the first I’d felt in a long time.

Sadly, I reacted to the medication by getting worse. In particular, I began to feel shooting pains in my left shoulder on 9/28 and by 9/30 I could not use my arm for anything due to the pain, even turning the steering wheel of a car. My back pain reached its peak for the whole illness on 9/27 and I developed night sweats (usually a sign my body is successfully fighting something, so I was hopeful at first. However, my lymph nodes popped out more and I also developed an itchy rash between my legs.

I called my MD/homeopath, and she suggested a remedy, and once again within 24 hours my suddenly debilitating arm pain was cleared up. However, the remainder of my symptoms continued throughout the month of October: my back pain went up and down, I developed another cold, my lymph nodes remained swollen, and even occasionally ached painfully.