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New Goals for the Blog

If you’ve visited me recently at you may have noticed that we have a bit of a new look (and that we can now also be found at This blog was slowing down, and I made the decision to help revitalize it by joining its effort with that of the Pittsburgh Lyme Support Group, something I hope will be mutually beneficial.

The PghLyme Support group is trying to get a strong support network off the ground in Pittsburgh, and we’ve made this blog it’s front page. As part of that effort, we’ve also added a new author, Pittsburgh Lyme Support Group founder Bill Moore. He is listed on the contact page, and has written about his Lyme Story. Bill also founded the pghlyme facebook group, and I am very excited to have him collaborate on this blog. I hope you will enjoy his contributions as well.



1 thought on “New Goals for the Blog”

  1. I was diagnosed with lyme from Forbes hospital after an ER visit in which my daughter insisted the Dr’s test for it. That night they said no I didn’t have it but the hospital called 5 days later and said I was positive and called in a prescription of doxycycline. It was only 2 weeks, but after being I’ll for over 8 weeks, those were the best 2 weeks of 2017 I’ve had. My doctor did not agree with the hospital saying I only had 4 out of 7 markers…I figured if it was enough for hospital determination than it was good enough for me….my question is, was 2 weeks enough of the medication, as I am still very fatigued and still have a lot of the symptoms I had prior to the test being taken.

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