Lyme disease cases skyrocket [in Pittsburgh]

Lyme disease cases skyrocket [in Pittsburgh]

Thank goodness the press is paying some attention (again) to what’s going on with Lyme disease in the area. Maybe it will help one or two more people think twice before they dismiss unusual symptoms. If only the reporter had also talked about how to prevent tick bites, or mentioned the fact that not all treatments are equal.

1 thought on “Lyme disease cases skyrocket [in Pittsburgh]”

  1. I love you page and the things you are doing. I feel like the more of us sharing our message, the better.
    I just currently made a Facebook page, which has a link to my blog so I can raise awareness for my state and start a foundation to help people who can’t pay for treatments. I also want to get a bill passed in my state just like Virginia stating just because the test comes back negative, DOES NOT MEAN you do not have Lyme. There are so many things I want to do for awareness that my mind is constantly racing with ideas!!
    I would love the support and appreciate it so much if you shared my facebook page to your followers. I would love more than anything to help so many people in need.
    Thank you so much!

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