Update on Low Dose Naltrexone

I’ve been on Low Dose Naltrexone now for almost two months. During the first month, I felt extremely tired, almost from the day I started it. At the end of the month I reduced the dose to almost half, and the tiredness went away. Not only that, but I was out of relapse (something that had been on its way to happening around the time I started the LDN, in fact I suspect the LDN dosage may have been the reason the relapse didn’t end sooner). I tried going up again by a much smaller amount and immediately felt tired again. So I’m back to my very small dose of LDN. I don’t know if it’s doing something, and my jury will be out until a year or so passes. I do know that the side effects are manageable at this dosage, a very good thing. Additionally, I continue to not get colds, etc, and generally seem to heal very quickly (I sliced my foot open and healed in record time). I will be interested to see what comes of this in the next year.

7 thoughts on “Update on Low Dose Naltrexone”

  1. Have u had sleep issues? I am SO tired- started 5 days ago on 1.5mg. My LLMD didin’t know about it I researched and askled to start. I have been going to bed at like 5am and hats with ambien and benydrl- I have sleep probs anyway but this seems worse. sorry typos- brain dead

  2. I had a very similar issue, though I started at 4mg. My doctor suggested that I drop down to 2.5 and I did much better. I tried going up to 3, and the sleep issues started again. So it could be a dosage problem, maybe the dose is too high for you.

  3. So glad others have had a good response to LDN. I have not! After each dose I had violent seizure attacks that lasted 1 1/2 hours the first night and most of the day after the 2nd nightly dose. No more LDN for me.

  4. Thank you for writing about this I have certainly found it intreresting. I had never considered LDN for Lyme, or MS for that matter though I received plenty of suggestions for it :-), but I had never heard of its use for Lyme. Keep up the good work.

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