The path to my diagnosis was surprising at the time, though far less so in retrospect. At a time when my doctors were completely at a loss, and I had begun interviewing Massage Therapists to find relief for my symptoms. The third (and final) one that I spoke with suggested that I might have Lyme disease the very first time we spoke by phone. As soon as she made the suggestion I realized that it was indeed a possibility and called my MD/Homeopath to ask that she add a Lyme test to the bloodwork that she had just ordered on our 9/25 visit.

Sure enough, the ELIZA test, the first test typically ordered when Lyme disease is suspected, came back abnormal. My MD/homeopath informed me that Lyme was still unlikely as this test has a high false-positive rate, but ordered the Western Blot typically used as a follow up. This test takes a very long time to be processed in the fall as there are many people who need it, and it wasn’t until a month after the masseuse first suggested Lyme that I finally got a definitive result: my Western Blot was positive. In fact, everyone who’s looked at it has been shocked by just how “lit up” it was.

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