My husband insists that we figure this out

Shortly before the 9/25 doctors visit described in my next post, I received a phone call from my husband (who was in Australia at the time). He told me that we needed to insist that my doctor start conducting tests and eliminate possible causes of my symptoms, starting with lymphoma.

Now, I had actually mentioned my concern over that possibility to my MD/homeopath before, and she had assured me that something abnormal would have shown up on my X-rays in December. However, my husband was insistent, and I was still worried myself. Also, we did not just want to test for cancer, but rather start eliminating every possible cause of this illness until we could track it to its source. My husband in particular believed that I really was ill, and not just fatigued by a difficult lifestyle.

While I myself sometimes had doubts if I was just making a big deal over getting too little sleep, I had trouble believing that the sort of pain and frozen muscles I had experienced over the previous month could have been caused simply by an unhealthy lifestyle. Also, I knew that I ate well, exercised, and got way more sleep than my husband. I was beginning to believe that, as a colleague had told me, I needed to figure this out for myself. In fact, by the time my husband called I had already begun to take steps to improve my lot by sleeping more and getting a massage. His belief that my experience warranted concern and investigation helped push me over the edge to actually advocate for myself in a way I had not until now. I am so grateful for his insistence on action. As a result of that phone call I:

1) Asked my MD/homeopath for more tests (on 10/25). She ordered a repeat of my blood work with some additions, a CAT scan of my lymph nodes, and another X-ray.

2) Began interviewing massage therapists in earnest, trying to find one who would massage my lymph nodes to help drain them (a big mistake!). This ultimately led to my diagnosis.

3) Arranged to take a week off work in order to determine if more rest would help me, take a break from the stress of having way more to do than time to do it in, and do some research to try to figure out what was wrong with me.

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