A catalogue of typical symptoms

Over the course of the next two months, I had had a litany of symptoms. In the first ten days of June, I had what appeared to be two separate colds with runny nose and sore throat. At some point after that, I had flu-like symptoms twice within a 10 day period, and began to experience a strange pain in my jaw that felt sort of like the muscles were stiff. This happened once in mid-June and again in early August. My husband had at one point developed a stiff jaw due to an allergic reaction to antibiotics, and it went away fairly quickly. None of his doctors had seemed too worried about it, and consequently I didn’t worry too much about my jaw symptoms.

Also in early August, I developed a rash on the back of my neck that I now know is a typical and recognizable sign that someone may be infected with Lyme. My husband noticed and took a picture (below). It didn’t itch at all and I assumed I had just scratched myself, never looked at the picture and didn’t take it very seriously.


My back pain and swollen lymph nodes continued as well, and in early August I finally decided it was time to go back to my MD/homeopath for advice as I knew that ongoing swelling in the lymph nodes was not normal and 6+ months of that seemed like long enough that maybe I should be concerned.

She continued to try to help boost my immune system, but my general impression was that whatever was wrong was not serious enough to warrant testing and that with more rest and the right supplements my immune system would start working properly. As did my parents (both in medicine), my doctors seemed to think that it was my lifestyle and past issues such as my mold exposure that was causing my problems, as opposed to a serious illness.

4 thoughts on “A catalogue of typical symptoms

  1. Read on and discover the answer :)…

    In brief: I had a CDC positive Western Blot, but I suspect that both contributed to my health problems.

  2. Yes, my husband’s fear was lymphoma, and not long after this I ended up getting scanning done to check for it. However the right diagnosis turned out to by Lyme disease.

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